Management declaration

We declare to the best of our knowledge that

  • the consolidated financial statements for 2012 have been prepared in accordance with IFRSs as adopted by the EU, including additional disclosures pursuant to the Norwegian Accounting Act.
  • the parent company’s 2012 annual financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Norwegian Accounting Act and generally accepted accounting practice in Norway.
  • the accounting information provides a true and fair view of the company’s and the Group’s assets, liabilities and financial position and performance as a whole.
  • the report of the board of directors provides a true and fair view of the development, performance and position of the company and the Group, together with a description of the most important risk and uncertainty factors to which the business is exposed.

The Board of Directors of Hafslund ASA
Oslo, 19 March 2013

Birger Magnus

Maria Moræus Hanssen 
Deputy Chairman

Ellen Christine Christiansen  
Odd Håkon Hoelsæter

Hans Kristian Rød

Jane Koppang

Per Luneborg 

Per Orfjell  

Finn Bjørn Ruyter
President and CEO